CENTENNIAL, COLO. — Penford Food Ingredients has added a line of pregel corn starches that are made of waxy maize capable of thickening in cold liquids and producing freeze/thaw and retort-stable fillings. The native, unmodified waxy corn pregel may be used in simple label, natural foods. Modified versions are stable in high heat, low pH and freeze/thaw conditions. Potential applications include sauces, gravies, soups, bakery and dairy products.

“Penford Food Ingredients is proud to expand our corn starch portfolio with this new line of pregels, including an unmodified version perfect for the natural foods market,” said John Randall, president of Centennial-based Penford Food Ingredients. “They’re a great addition to our existing lines of modified corn starches – the PenCling 700 series and the PenBind 1700 series.”