The Rademaker Universal Make Up Line is designed and built for producing Danish, cinnamon rolls, calzones, pizza bases, flatbreads, pain au chocolate and similar type products. The fully washdown construction meets industry standards for sanitation.

Eric Riggle, president, Rademaker USA, said the design is the result of demand for longer production runs. “With a more open design to the conveyor and drives, we find that our clients can access key areas for maintenance faster to keep the lines running longer,” Mr. Riggle said.

Incorporation of a tooling assistant function at the HMI, along with Unique Fit Tooling, make product changeover fast and easy to understand. The step-by-step visual assistance from the tooling assistant tells the operator exactly where to locate the coded tool on the line, and with Unique Fit Tooling, the adjustment of these pieces is completely tool-free.

“No longer will the operators be guessing which tool goes where in the process, and with Unique Fit Tooling, there is no need for tape measures and Allen wrenches to adjust,” Mr. Riggle said. “The adjustable parts fit together with no tools and only go together the right way.”

This system allows flexibility, consistency and repeatability of product setup no matter the bakery or operator skill level.

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