Ed Heina
Ed Heina, vice-president, sales and marketing and owner, Cobblestone Ovens, Inc., accepts the 2018 Robert A. Fischer Award at BakingTech 2018.

CHICAGO — The Robert A. Fischer Award was presented to Ed Heina, vice-president, sales and marketing, and owner of Cobblestone Ovens, Inc., at the American Society of Baking’s (A.S.B.) BakingTech 2018.

The previous recipient of the award, Jim Diver, former vice-president of Dunbar Systems, Inc., introduced Mr. Heina on Tuesday morning. To Mr. Heina’s surprise, his family attended the presentation to celebrate the accomplishment.

“Throughout his long and storied career, he has been a major contributor and officer to many organizations,” Mr. Diver said.

Mr. Heina entered the industry in and became an A.S.B. member in 1973 and worked from the ground floor up to vice-president of sales and marketing for several equipment supply companies, including Middleby Marshall, Anetsberger Brothers and Cobblestone Ovens. He was also an officer in the National Restaurant Association, the North American Food Equipment Manufacturers Association, A.S.B., the Bakers Courtesy Club of Chicago and more. With the Bakers Courtesy Club of Chicago, He has supplied support staff to ASB’s Best Week in Baking for years.

The avid historian and reader with a passion for cars and motorcycles was surprised and excited to receive this year’s award.

“The baking and food service industry has always been very good to me and my family, and I’ve always believed that if you’re going to do something you better do it at 110%and give something back,” Mr. Heina said. “I’m so pleasantly surprised and I’m very thankful for this recognition.”