NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. — Bake’n Joy Foods has become one of the latest companies to remove peanuts completely from its main manufacturing facility. The provider of baking solutions such as predeposited frozen muffins, cookies and loaf cakes, scoop and bake batters, mixes and bases, and more has made the complete transition at its facility in North Andover.

“With growing awareness around food allergies and anaphylaxis, as well as customer demand for peanut-free products, moving to a peanut-free facility makes good business sense,” said George Fregone, vice-president of marketing and business development at Bake’n Joy Foods. “The transition allows us to safely serve a greater number of customers, and optimistically, many additional consumers.”

The company said it will continue to provide two peanut butter cookies varieties as part of its product portfolio, but they will be made at a separate facility.