DELFT, THE NETHERLANDS — Royal DSM has introduced BakeZyme AAA, a baking enzyme that allows bakeries to reduce ascorbic acid in their recipes while maintaining bread texture and volume.

Prices for ascorbic acid, which may be used as a dough strengthener, have fluctuated since 2017 because new environmental policies in China forced many manufacturers to reduce their production, according to Delft-based DSM. Bakers, especially those in developing countries, are looking for ways to be less reliant on ascorbic acid.

BakeZyme AAA may be used with ascorbic acid to give bakeries more control over cost. Incorporating BakeZyme AAA to reduce ascorbic acid in a recipe may be done with a short product development phase and with minimal changes to the production process.

“With BakeZyme AAA, we offer a solution that enables bakeries to optimize their costs while delivering high quality bread,” said Fokke van den Berg, business director for baking at DSM.