CABO SAN LUCAS, MEXICO — To cap off its 100th anniversary, BEMA hosted BEMA Gives Back, a family service event to close the association’s annual convention.

The service day, which brought together 200 convention attendees and baker guests and their family members, was the vision of Don Osborne, team leader, Intralox, and BEMA 2017-18 chairman. Throughout his term as chair, Mr. Osborne placed a heavy emphasis on service.

“The whole idea of giving back is a big deal,” Mr. Osborne said. “We have all worked in the baking industry for a long time, and it’s provided a living for our families. We must always think about how we can give back to the industry for all its given us, but we must also think about how lucky we are as individuals and give to our communities.”

While the convention’s final day traditionally begins with a family breakfast and keynote speaker, BEMA replaced the speaker with an organized service day, which was sponsored by Shick Esteve, Kwik Lok and CLIF Bar & Company.

Families worked together in support of local agencies. They filled 75 backpacks for Liga Mac, built 11 bunk beds and cribs for Casa Hogar, decorated 80 pairs of shoes for children and senior citizens on behalf of Tree of Hope, and assembled and painted 36 math boards for CIME.

“The BEMA family — kids and adults — really came together that morning, serving alongside each other for some agencies that are making a difference throughout Cabo,” said Kerwin Brown, president and CEO, BEMA.

“It was important to me, as chairman, that we leave something in the community,” Mr. Osborne added.