The holy grail of clean label ingredients is to meet or exceed the same functionality of the traditional synthetic ingredients. Corbion aimed for that standard when it replaced calcium propionate with its natural mold inhibitor solution Verdad MP100. This combination of vinegar and natural flavors matches the mold-inhibiting functionality and neutral flavor of calcium propionate, the tried-and-true synthetic solution the baking industry has long used to extend shelf life in bread.

“Many bakers want to replace chemical preservatives, but they worry about losing shelf life or compromising flavor,” said Ashley Robertson, market manager, bakery, at Corbion. “With Verdad MP100, they can have the shelf life and flavor they’re used to as well as the simpler ingredient label so many consumers want today.”

In sensory testing, Corbion found that panelists were equally split in preferring breads containing MP100 and calcium propionate.

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