NEWTON, N.C. — Homegrown Family Foods L.L.C. on Jan. 28 announced the acquisition of the Kentucky Kernel and Don’s Chuck Wagon seasoned flour, breading and coatings brands from Hodgson Mill of Effingham, Ill.

Homegrown Family Foods is a consumer branded products company formed through a joint venture between Plaza Belmont Management Group, Shawnee Mission, Kas., and Renwood Mills, Newton.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to build on the long-standing reputation of these two brands in the breading and coating market,” said John Stout, chief executive officer of Plaza Belmont. “We look forward to the continued growth and expansion of these brands that are known and loved by their consumers.”

The Kentucky Kernel brand celebrates the Southern traditions of great flavor, family-style cooking and satisfying comfort food with its “secret blend” of 10 herbs and spices. Don’s Chuck Wagon has a legacy of providing seasoned batters and coating mixes.

Homegrown Family Foods will continue to distribute all its products as well as extending the Kentucky Kernel and Don’s Chuck Wagon brands into new innovative products.

“We are excited to acquire these brands as they are a perfect complement to the products we currently manufacture,” said Tommy Lynn, c.e.o. of Renwood Mills. “We look forward to continued growth and expansion of both the Kentucky Kernel and Don’s Chuck Wagon brands as well as creating synergies that exist with these product lines.”

Renwood Mills is an 80-year-old flour milling and mix company with a daily capacity of 6,500 cwts. Renwood Mills produces the Southern Biscuit, Formula L and TendaBake brands of flour and mixes, as well as a variety of private label retail products, food service and custom food service mixes, and wholesale bulk flour. Renwood Mills is owned and operated by food manufacturing operators.