RICHMOND, VA. — As part of a plan to operate globally with unified project management systems as well as sales and service teams, AMF Bakery Systems on Feb. 4 announced plans to integrate Tromp Group under AMF.

Tromp Group has been the parent brand for Tromp Sheeting and Depositing Systems and Den Boer Baking Systems. With the change, the facilities will operate as AMF Tromp and AMF Den Boer, effective immediately. All existing operations will remain in The Netherlands.

Ken Newsome, chief executive officer of the Markel Food Group, described the changes as the progression of a strategic alliance dating back six years under the Markel Food Group.

 “As we fold Europe’s best sheeting, depositing, baking, and handling technology into the world’s strongest bakery equipment supplier, we aim to put AMF Tromp and AMF Den Boer in the best position for the future: technologically, culturally — as well as structurally,” Mr. Newsome said.

AMF said the change was prompted by strategic challenges bakers face seeking to achieve growth from the portfolio of products they bake while consumer demands change. Jason Ward, president of AMF Bakery Systems, said the integration will allow AMF Tromp and AMF Den Boer to better leverage AMF’s support and service.

“With this improved alignment, our sales and engineering teams are better equipped to present the most optimal processing solutions while more effectively supporting our bakery customers’ ever-expanding product needs from soft bread, buns, and rolls to artisan breads and a variety of specialty baked products including pizza and flatbreads, pastry and croissants, and cakes and pies,” he said.

AMF Bakery Systems is a supplier of commercial equipment and automation solutions for the baking industry. The company offers design and applications engineering, production expertise, system integration, project management, installation, training and parts and service support.