LOS ANGELES — Sweet bread maker King’s Hawaiian has reached an agreement with the grocery chain Aldi over a packaging lawsuit filed in November 2018 in a Los Angeles federal court. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.

The baking company alleged that Aldi was infringing on its intellectual property rights by selling sweet Hawaiian bread stuffing mix in bright orange packaging that was too similar to King’s Hawaiian’s design. The lawsuit also alleged that the grocer had violated an earlier agreement made with King’s Hawaiian.

This is the second time the baking company has taken legal action against the grocer. In 2015, King’s Hawaiian and Aldi reached a settlement after the baking company accused the grocery chain of selling sweet rolls in packaging that closely resembled its own.

John Linehan, president and chief strategy officer of King’s Hawaiian, said the company is pleased with the settlement and with the resolution of the lawsuit.

“The King’s Hawaiian packaging trade dress is one of our most valuable assets, and King’s Hawaiian has assembled a top-notch, two-firm legal team to protect and to enforce our intellectual property rights in the trade dress,” Mr. Linehan said. “We have invested significant time and resources, and it is our intent that this legal team will vigorously pursue any infringement of our trade dress any time, in any place, and at any cost.”

Since 2015, King’s Hawaiian has resolved similar packaging lawsuits across the United States against companies that include Sprouts Farmer’s Market, Alpha Baking Co. and Pan-O-Gold Baking Co.