PHILADELPHIA — Flowers Foods, Inc.’s Tastykake brand has partnered with Bassetts Ice Cream Co. to launch new Cookies and Creme Mini Donuts. The treats are the first offering from Tastykake Scoop Shop, a new ice cream-inspired line of sweet snacks.

“Leveraging trends in the snacking category, Tastykake Scoop Shop explores the crossover of two sweet snacks by borrowing flavor and forms from different categories,” Flowers said. “The new treats create a fun snacking experience that ice cream and sweet snack lovers will appreciate.”

Tastykake Scoop Shop, which Flowers filed to trademark in August 2018, will feature ice cream flavors in sweet snack form and be launched in two phases. The first phase includes the Cookies and Creme Mini Donuts, and the second phase, planned for late April, will combine mint chocolate chip ice cream flavor with a creme-filled cookie in a new Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich.

"The Tastykake team cannot wait to share the Scoop Shop line with our sweet loving fans," said Ashley Hornsby, Tastykake brand manager. "For more than a year, our bakery team has dedicated themselves to developing this line to help ‘Make Happy Happen’ for our consumers, and we think we've found recipes that do just that. Consumer insights helped dictate what ice cream flavors and snack items to include in the Scoop Shop line ensuring the most enjoyment for our fans."