PASADENA, CALIF. — Pak Group, through its North American brand Bellarise, has launched BellaSoft Organic 1500 Plus, a bread softener that has been shown to extend shelf life, save on costs and enhance bread quality, according to the Pasadena-based company. It may be used in fresh bread varieties and frozen bread varieties.

“Our customers asked us to develop a bread softener that worked just as well in both organic and conventional bread, frozen and fresh applications, that would extend shelf life to suit the application, and would simplify the production process,” said Alex Peña, director of product development for Bellarise.

He said BellaSoft Organic 1500 Plus improves crumb structure, may be added to a dough along with other dry ingredients, has a low use rate that simplifies scaling and customization, and could be used in lean and sweet doughs.