With its new brand, AkoPlanet, AAK doubles down on its commitment to sustainable ingredients and supply chains. AkoPlanet is AAK’s latest brand of fats and oils that goes a step further in sustainability by focusing on plant-based fats and oils with a fully traceable supply chain, from plant to finished product.

“AkoPlanet enables us to co-develop great-tasting plant-based food made with love for people, plants and the planet,” said Ryan Branch, senior marketing manager, AAK. “One aspect is that raw materials used in AkoPlanet are responsibly sourced and at minimum standard, traceable to the growing region.”

As vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets gain popularity among consumers, and millennials and Generation Z prioritize sustainability, AAK developed AkoPlanet to help bakers and other food manufacturers deliver quality products that also are sustainably sourced.

For bakery applications, AkoPlanet offers a plant-based vegetable oil alternative to dairy ingredients. “Many key characteristics of animal-derived products like milk, butter, cheese and meat can be recreated through optimal formulations of oils and fats, and we partner with customers to prove that our solutions work in the final application,” Mr. Branch said.

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