DARMSTADT, GERMANY – AB Enzymes has launched Veron Maxima to keep bread and other baked foods fresh.

“With Veron Maxima we have succeeded in developing a new maltogenic amylase that can be used without dosage limitations,” said Oscar Diez, business director, bake for Darmstadt-based AB Enzymes. “The ratio of resilience to softness has been improved in an unprecedented way. This flexibility opens endless possibilities to control the softness and quality of the baked goods without losing resilience.”

Verona Maxima may be incorporated into existing improver formulations without having any influence on dough properties and bread product appearance other than providing the desired freshness effect in the final product, according to AB Enzymes.

“In a large consumer study, we were able to clearly demonstrate the advantages of our innovative product,” said Alexander Henrich, application development director, bake. “Consumers feel the difference. We clearly had the edge in the key parameter softness, mouthfeel, freshness and moistness.”