BEIJING, CHINA — China has approved a new genetically-modified (G.M.O.) soybean for import from the United States, according to Bloomberg.

The G.M.O. soybean is an insect resistant strain created by Dow AgroSciences L.L.C. that was approved for import into China. Bloomberg said China also approved a new type of G.M.O. papaya and renewed permits for other crop varieties, including corn and canola.

The approval of a U.S. G.M.O. soybean is in line with China and the United States working to end trade issues.

The United States and China have been in an ongoing trade dispute since China raised import tariffs by 25% on U.S. soybeans in July 2018 in retaliation for U.S. duties on Chinese goods. Both countries have continued to work on resolving the ongoing trade issues.

In mid-December the two countries agreed upon a preliminary trade agreement to bring an end to trade issues.

Citing the South China Morning Post, Bloomberg said Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He is expected to be in Washington on Jan. 4, 2020, to sign the first phase of the trade deal.