WASHINGTON — The Office of the US Trade Representative said March 25 that it will combine the fourth and fifth tranches of the specialty sugar tariff-rate quota (TRQ) into a single tranche of 65,000 tonnes, raw value, that will be allowed to enter the United States on March 30.

Originally, quantities and dates for the 2019-20 specialty sugar TRQ of 171,656 tonnes, raw value, announced July 15, 2019, were: tranche one for 1,656 tonnes open Oct. 1, 2019; tranche two for 50,000 tonnes open Oct. 9, 2019; tranche three for 50,000 tonnes open Jan. 22, 2020; tranche four for 35,000 tonnes open April 15; and tranche five for 35,000 tonnes open July 15.

The USTR said that when the third tranche opened on Jan. 22, US Customs and Border Protection allowed in 55,000 tonnes rather than the intended 50,000 tonnes, “based on a typo in the US Department of Agriculture’s announcement of June 27, 2019.” As a result, the USTR is reducing the fifth tranche by 5,000 tonnes, to 30,000 tonnes, to correct the mistake. The combined fourth and fifth tranches that now open together on March 30 will total 65,000 tonnes rather than 70,000 tonnes.

Organic sugar makes up most of the specialty sugar TRQ.

The USTR notice will appear in the March 26 Federal Register.