COLLEGEDALE, TENN. — McKee Foods Corp. is expanding its vending machine grain-based foods offerings with the launch of two new products under the Fieldstone Bakery brand. Both products meet FitPick Select criteria, which is a FitPick programming component that is specially designed to help vending operators meet strict school guidelines and achieve and maintain successful operations in places of education.

New Mini Doodles Cookies will be available in 1-oz pouches that feature space on the package for doodling. The whole grain-rich mini cookies will be available in two flavors: honey graham and lemon.

“Fieldstone Bakery has been very focused on creating delicious whole grain-rich products for use in vending, schools, business and industry accounts, health care and catering applications,” said Kelley VandeLune, national foodservice sales manager at McKee Foods.

Also in September, Fieldstone Bakery will introduce new Grains 2 Go Bars. McKee said it is the first time for the brand to offer two grain equivalent bars that meet FitPick requirements to the vending industry. The 2.3-oz soft and chewy whole grain bars are available in two flavors: chocolate chip and apple cinnamon.

McKee said each bar provides 32 grams of grains, including 16 grams (1-oz equivalent) of whole grain.