KANSAS CITY — Hostess Brands, LLC is adding to its sweet baked goods lineup with the launch of two new products and the return of several fall favorites.

New products include Apple Cinnamon Donettes and Maple Glazed Donettes. The Apple Cinnamon Donettes are dusted with cinnamon sugar and natural apple flavors, while the Maple Glazed Donettes are topped with a maple flavored glaze. The new Donettes flavors will be available beginning in October in single-serve sleeves of six Donettes each.

“Our insights show that consumers hungrily anticipate the arrival of signature seasonal flavors and they look to limited-time-only treats to greet them like long-lost friends,” said Adam Lisook, director of brand marketing, Hostess Brands. “At Hostess we pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver timeless classic treats alongside fresh new flavors inspired by consumer feedback and evolving taste trends, season after season.”

In addition to the new products, Hostess said it once again will offer Hostess Pumpkin Spice Twinkies, Hostess Iced Pumpkin CupCakes and Hostess Caramel Crunch Donettes.