MILFORD, MASS. — EyePro System Srl, a vision systems company, has announced it is joining with KPM Analytics Inc., a provider of analytics technology for the food, agriculture and environmental sectors.

Founded 20 years ago as a startup company with the FPK Research Institute, Trento, Italy, EyePro Systems specializes in vision inspection technology and vision-based process controls for the baking and snack industry.

“We are very excited to be part of KPM Analytics and will be bringing a strong team with expertise in vision technology and automatic classification as well as a strong, established position in food inspection systems,” said Andrea Bertuolo, general manager of EyePro System. “KPM Analytics has a primary focus on the food industry with several strong product brands and a global marketing, sales and service organization. So, being part of KPM Analytics really helps us achieve our growth goals and our desire to best reach and service our growing customer base.”

Due to an increasing demand for quality of consumers and food safety, automated vision systems have become ever-present in the food industry for quality inspection, process control, product handling and automated inspection/rejection applications.

“We are very excited to have EyePro join KPM Analytics as we build a business seeking to better serve our customers in the food industries,” said Brian Mitchell, chief executive officer of KPM Analytics. “EyePro has established itself as a pioneer in the growing market for vision inspection systems, mainly in the area of baked foods production. EyePro’s technology and product offerings are highly complementary to those of our Sightline Process Control brand.”

With this acquisition, KPM aims to present food manufacturing and processing markets with True Color, 3D and Hyperspectral Vision Inspection Systems.