CHICAGO — ADM on March 23 released a new policy to protect forests, biodiversity and communities. It includes provisions that promote conservation of water resources and biodiversity in agricultural landscapes, promote solutions to reduce climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, and support agriculture as a means to advance sustainable development by reducing poverty and increasing food security. ADM aims to eliminate deforestation from all the company’s supply chains by 2030.

“ADM is the bridge between the producer on the farm and the consumer-facing brands on our tables, and we are in the unique position to influence sustainable practices across the entire supply chain,” said Juan Luciano, chairman and chief executive officer of Chicago-based ADM. “As we carry out our mission to unlock the power of nature to enrich lives, we recognize the critical role natural resources play in the future of our planet.”

ADM by the end of 2022 expects to achieve full traceability of its direct and indirect sourcing throughout its soy supply chains in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. ADM belongs to the Palm Oil Collaboration Group, a multi-stakeholder initiative, and is participating in actions to implement the integrated reporting framework and to address social issues across the palm supply chain.

ADM is a founding member of the following groups: the Amazon Soy Moratorium, the Para Green Protocol of Grains in Brazil, the Soft Commodities Forum (a global forum) and the ViSeC (Vision Sectorial del Gran Chaco).