LONDON — Batch Ventures announced its investment in Insane Grain. This is the second investment made by the innovation fund this year, following an investment into Doreset-based specialist biscuit manufacturer, The Artful Baker Ltd. in February.

Launched by Rushina Shah in March 2020, Insane Grain’s range of baked snacks is made from sorghum and offers a strong source of nutrients, including iron and potassium. Sorghum grows in some of the most poverty-stricken, inhospitable and arid areas in the world and has been tipped as the next big thing in healthy foods by the United Nations.

“I found Insane Grain on the principle of offering healthier, mass market snacks without compromising on taste,” Ms. Shah said. “Our ambition is to make the world a better place through healthier snacks using sorghum sourced directly from farmers in the poorer regions of the world. Having the backing of Batch Ventures, which brings together the expertise of Warburtons and Mission Ventures is invaluable. This is a momentous milestone for Insane Grain.”

Batch Ventures backs innovative young companies working in and around the baked foods category through a partnership between Bolton, UK-based Warburtons, the UK’s largest bakery brand and leading challenger brand builder, Mission Ventures, a firm that invests in and provides business support for challenger brands.

“What stood out immediately to us were three things: the product quality, the founder and the brand,” said Jonathan Warburton co-owner of Warburtons. “Insane Grain’s innovative use of sorghum in place of maize to create a flavorsome range of healthier puffed snacks is impressive, and in Rushina Shah we have a dynamic young entrepreneur who is eminently backable. We’re excited to see this brand grow from strength to strength.”

Batch Ventures continues to seek new opportunities to back British enterprises in baking and baked foods. The partnership with Warburtons will ensure for more investments during 2021.