ALSIP, ILL. — As a provider of equipment and technical support for the baking industry, Naegele Bakery Systems has been working with bakery equipment manufacturers to upgrade and design production lines since 1994. Now, Naegele has become the exclusive representative for Sobatech equipment in the United States and Canada.

“Interest in continuous processing is growing rapidly as food manufacturers seek new ways to increase throughput and product quality while keeping costs down,” said Mike Philip, sales manager, Naegele Bakery Systems. “Sobatech’s unique technology allows bakery processors, confectioners, snack makers and more to benefit from continuous processing. The addition of this equipment to the Naegele portfolio further strengthens our position as the leading provider of complete solutions for the bakery industry.”

Sobatech is a Netherlands-based manufacturer of continuous mixing and processing equipment for the food industry. The company specializes in designing, manufacturing and commissioning equipment for continuous dosing of raw materials, continuous mixing and kneading and continuous bulk fermenting. Their fully-customizable continuous mixing equipment can process up to 10 tons of dough per hour and can be used for both solid and liquid ingredients.

“In this day and age of high labor costs and the world being in the middle of a pandemic, it's become much more difficult for manufacturers to find and retain a reliable daily workforce,” said Mr. Philip. “Sobatech's completely automated dosing and mixing systems solve that problem for processors while also guaranteeing a high-quality, consistent product day in and day out.”