At Pack Expo Las Vegas, to be held Sept. 27-29, attendees can explore the past and future of packaging at the PACK to the Future exhibit. The exhibit will showcase nearly 30 historic packaging machines along with historical imagery from established consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies such as General Mills, Minneapolis, and the Kellogg Company, Battle Creek, Mich.

“Each one of these historical machines in PACK to the Future has a baking, snack or confectionery application,” said Tom Egan, vice president, industry services, PMMI. “Even things like metal detection and an auger filler that you would use for popcorn are all machines that will have examples going back decades, and those same machines are used in the baking, snack or confectionery markets.”

This exhibit won’t just be showcasing how far packaging equipment and automation have come. but it will also explore where technology is going. Exhibitors will show how they are adapting to changes brought on by e-commerce, sustainability and other challenges facing the CPG industry today. The PACK to the Future Stage will also feature presentations about the advancements in sustainable packaging solutions, smart packaging and artificial intelligence.

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This article is an excerpt from the August 2021 issue of Baking & Snack. To read the entire feature on Centennial Report: Packaging, click here.