Glazing helps bakers create a premium product and add value to their buns and pastries. However, egg and dairy washes can cause food safety and sanitation issues. In addition, these traditional washes are not allergen-friendly or vegan. To give bakers another option, Puratos developed its Sunset Glaze Easy Plus, which adds a premium golden shine to baked goods without the need for eggs or dairy.

“Using a traditional egg wash can be a headache in production, especially when it comes to food safety and pan cleaning,” said Chris Gizzi, senior application specialist, Puratos. “Unlike other egg-wash alternatives, Sunset Glaze Easy Plus is completely water-based, significantly simplifying the pan cleaning process.”

Sunset Glaze Easy Plus is free from preservatives, eggs, dairy, GMOs, modified food starch and maltodextrin. It can be applied before baking and is freeze/thaw stable. It can be stored at ambient temperature and does not impart flavor or sticky residue on finished product.

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