Tortillas are a growing segment in the baking industry, and Kemin Food Technologies is providing tortilla manufacturers with several ingredient solutions. Clean label and health are driving this segment, and that can pose some formulating challenges. 
“The coronavirus pandemic really brought health into a primary focus for consumers, not only in tortillas, but across the food industry,” said Anita Srivastava, PhD, CFS, senior technical service manager, bakery, Kemin. “With health being the driving influence, we are seeing many shifts to healthier ingredients and cleaner labels.” 

The company launched several lines of tortilla ingredients to address many of the challenges producers face. The TillaPack product line for flour tortillas offers batch pack solutions to help formulators address their goals for their finished products. These can be customized. TillaZyme is a line of enzyme blends for corn tortillas that help retain moistness and reduce the rate of staling. TillaSoft is a range of dough conditioners and softeners for flour tortillas. These ingredients improve the dough extensibility and can also delay the retrogradation process.

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