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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic triggered an acceleration of many shifts in foodservice, and the future of the industry is continually adapting to those changes.

“None of us thought we would be in this for so long, so resiliency is really important,” said Luc Mongeau, president of Weston Foods.

As a result of those shifts, what foodservice operators need from bakery suppliers is changing too, and to keep up, Weston Foods has had to be very agile and rely on the relationships it has with its foodservice customers. In this episode of Since Sliced Bread, Mr. Mongeau shares how an increase in delivery and a reduction in labor have impacted Weston Foods’ innovation. The company has invested in insights and data to ensure its providing its customers products that will entice consumers.

“There are a lot of meals consumed away from restaurants so it’s important to ensure the portability of meals made with baked goods is really elevated to ensure that once the consumer takes the sandwich home, it tastes as good as it would in a restaurant,” he said.

Listen to this episode to find out what those insights are revealing to Weston Foods about consumer demands and how the company proved itself resilient in pandemic. 

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