ATLANTA — American Peanut Growers Group (APGG) said it will invest $85 million to expand its shelling plant in Donaldsonville, Ga., and open a new food processing facility on its 45-acre campus in Seminole County, Ga.

Headquartered in Seminole County and grower-owned, APGG produces approximately 200,000 tons of peanuts per year. The company’s customers include major confectioners, peanut butter manufacturers, and snack-nut roasters.

“We are extremely excited about this project and the opportunities it will provide for economic growth in Southwest Georgia,” said Jeremy Mayes, general manager of American Peanut Growers Ingredients. “Per capita, peanut consumption has risen to an all-time high for the second year in a row, which presents an ideal situation allowing us to further drive value through the industry’s supply chain. We are thankful for our farmer-owners demonstrating their willingness to invest in the project and community. Likewise, the support of city and county officials, as well as local industries such as LMC has allowed us to move quickly on our infrastructure needs.”

APGG said it plans to build an additional 135,000-square-foot facility on its campus. The expansion will include new food processing operations, enabling APGG to manufacture peanut paste, granules, peanut butter, and roasted peanuts for its customers. The company also will invest in additional shelling equipment as it expands those operations.

“Our relationship with American Peanut Growers Group goes back many years,” said Sarah H. Avery, director of the Development Authority of Seminole County and Donalsonville. “We have worked closely with them in the last several months on this project, and we’ve strengthened that relationship in the process. We know this expansion is key for the future growth of APGG. It’s also key for the successful growth of this community and is a large part of our economic future.”