NEW YORK — Banza, a maker of chickpea-based comfort foods, is launching Banza Cascatelli by Sporkful, a better-for-you and gluten-free version of the new cascatelli pasta shape.

The company partnered with Dan Pashman, creator and host of The Sporkful podcast, who spent several years researching and designing the novel pasta shape. Cascatelli features sauce-holding crevices and a slightly rough texture. Drawing inspiration from existing pastas bucatini and mafaldine, it has a half-tube shape with ruffled edges.

Banza uses chickpeas to recreate classic comfort foods like pasta, pizza, rice and macaroni and cheese with more protein and fiber and fewer net carbs. The new cascatelli product offers the same nutritional benefits as Banza’s other pasta shapes, with 20 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber per serving.

New York-based Sfoglini last year introduced Mr. Pashman’s cascatelli pasta to grocery store shelves. The product debuted in March and quickly became the brand’s bestseller.

“It was amazing to see the excitement around cascatelli when it launched last year, and it made us eager to create a version made from ingredients that all pasta lovers could enjoy, regardless of dietary restrictions,” Mr. Pashman said. “I really wanted to make a gluten-free version of cascatelli that would hold up to my high standards for taste and texture. After speaking with scientists who explained why chickpeas work so well for gluten-free pasta, I sampled many different brands and found Banza to be the best by far.”

Banza Cascatelli by Sporkful will be available nationwide at Whole Foods Market and online at and The launch coincides with the rollout of refreshed packaging for Banza pasta, featuring recipe suggestions on the back of each box that pair with the pasta shape.