GROOT-BIJGAARDEN, BELGIUM – Puratos Group has launched a life-cycle assessments (LCA) initiative to help its customers accelerate sustainability efforts. Puratos partnered with Paris-based Yukan, which has a digital platform for online evaluation of the environmental performance of products, to analyze the entire Puratos range of ingredients using the assessment tool Glimpact, which applies the product environmental footprint (PEF) method.

The PEF method measures 16 categories, including climate change, water scarcity and land use, and makes it possible to compare the impact made by products within the same category following specific category rules (PEFCRs). Highlights within the Puratos portfolio included the egg-wash alternative Sunset Glaze having a 59% lower environmental impact than pasteurized eggs, the butter alternative Mimetic having an impact three times lower than dairy butter and Belcolade Selection M. Plant-Based Cacao-Trace (a dairy-free, nut-free chocolate) having a 13% lower impact than the dairy milk equivalent.

“LCA studies of our premium plant-based alternatives offer unequivocal evidence that they are significantly better for the planet, with granular data allowing us to calculate precisely how environmentally beneficial these ingredients are compared to their animal-based counterparts,” said Laurent Thomé, global sustainability manager for Belgium-based Puratos. “As a result, our customers can tangibly and confidently demonstrate the sustainability credentials of their end-products to their customers.”