KANSAS CITY — The cereal category is in transition, with data insight company Catalina reporting that private brand cereal showed growth of 6% year to date through July 17. Despite the trend, cereal manufacturers are forging ahead with innovations and continuing to release new products.

Companies like UK-based Crispy Fantasy are adding to the cereal category with better-for-you alternatives. Crispy Fantasy, which is backed by the founders of Halo Top and RXBAR, launched a chocolate cereal, formulated with agave syrup, unsweetened cacao powder, soy and pea protein, and avocado oil.

“I’ve tasted the other ‘healthy’ cereals, and Crispy Fantasy’s product blows all of them away; it’s truly the ‘Halo Top’ of cereal,” said Doug Bouton, co-founder of Halo Top, a reduced-calorie ice cream brand now owned by Wells Enterprises. “Halo Top is sold in more than 30 countries, and I’m incredibly excited to partner with Crispy Fantasy as an investor and adviser to help them build a global brand anchored by mind-blowingly great products.”

Also entering the cereal category is the Quaker Oats Co., a division of PepsiCo, Inc., with its own flagship brand. The Quaker puffed granola cereal is available in apple cinnamon and blueberry flavors. The flavors feature a granola blend with oat flakes, crispy brown rice puffs and dried fruit pieces.

Quaker also is proving that cereal can be for children and adults alike in a collaboration with DC Comics. The companies released a strong berry flavor under Quaker’s Cap’n Crunch cereal that comes in two boxes: one featuring Supergirl and another featuring Superman.

Also taking cereal in that direction is the Kellogg Co., who has partnered with Nickelodeon to debut Apple Jacks Slime cereal in a green apple flavor.

“Kids and adults alike will recognize the fun and spontaneity of Nickelodeon Slime from many of their favorite Nick shows,” said Priya Mukhedkar, senior vice president, toys and packaged goods, Paramount Consumer Products. “We are excited to bring our iconic green Slime to fans in a whole new way with Kellogg’s Apple Jacks Slime.”