KANSAS CITY — Snacking is a worldwide trend, so Galaxy Desserts along with its parent Brioche Pasquier rolled out its Brioche To Go! line of French brioche rolls, which come in six-count packs for breakfast, lunch and as an after-school snack. The child-friendly treats are made with non-GMO ingredients and come in chocolate chip, chocolate-filled and strawberry varieties with more than 10 other types that can potentially be shipped from Brioche Pasquier’s French bakeries in the future.

“Everybody likes chocolate filling and chocolate chips, and we wanted to bring some fruit with the strawberry,” said Charlotte Dubois, marketing manager for the company. “We also have the chocolate chips in our popular brioche loaf, and we know specialty stores like different flavors of the same item.”

The handheld snacks have a 12-month shelf life when frozen and up to 45 days after being slacked out at the store. Galaxy Desserts has focused on in-store bakeries for the Brioche To Go! line, which made its debut at the 2022 International Dairy Deli Bakery Association’s show this summer.

However, Ms. Dubois emphasized that it’s the No. 1 brioche snack in France and can be sold throughout supermarkets, specialty stores, convenience stores, warehouse clubs and mass merchandisers. The company also offers Parisian macarons made by sandwiching two petite crisp cookie shells together with a flavorful filled center. The classic line includes a 12-pack box of six assorted flavors, including chocolate hazelnut, lemon, raspberry, salted caramel, pistachio and vanilla. Its fruit-inspired retail pack includes coconut, raspberry, pistachio, fig with poppy seeds, mango and chocolate caramel.

Together, Brioche to Go! and the macarons have every eating occasion covered.