NEW YORK — The Supplant Co. has introduced a flour that contains more of the wheat plant — both grain and stalk — and has over six times more fiber than traditional flour. The flour will be used at Per Se, chef Thomas Keller’s three-star restaurant in New York. It is available for business and retail partners across the United States. Consumers may buy Supplant pasta at

The Supplant Co., Cambridge, United Kingdom, already has a partnership with Mr. Keller that includes a line of direct-to-consumer chocolate bars and shortbread cookies made with Supplant sugars from fiber. The Supplant Co. uses agricultural side streams like corn cobs, oat hulls and wheat straw to make more sustainable ingredients.

“After defining sugars from fiber as an entirely new ingredient category that’s better-for-you and better-for-the-environment, we’re thrilled to disrupt the refined starch status quo too with grain and stalk flour,” said Tom Simmons, PhD, founder and chief executive officer of The Supplant Co. “By bringing under-utilized plant material back into the food system, Supplant grain and stalk flour furthers our mission to create a food system that is fit for the future - one that is more sustainable, more food-secure and more nutritious for all.”