GARDENA, CALIF. — Nissin Foods USA has completed a multi-million investment in its Lancaster, Pa., manufacturing facility to increase the output of its premium products by 15%. According to Nissin, almost 60% of the company’s product production comes from the Lancaster facility and thus this investment will allow the company to “meet the unprecedented consumer demand for its portfolio of instant ramen products.”

Nissin also revealed that it has heavily invested in the Lancaster facility’s workforce to meet growing demand. The company said its workforce has grown from almost 150 employees in 1978 (when the facility first opened) to more than 550 employees today, which includes both full-time and temporary employees, due in part to increasing the employee headcount by 15% from 2021 to 2022.

“Since opening our Lancaster facility 45 years ago, the plant continues to serve as the engine that drives the majority of the business’ production success, which is a testament to our skilled workforce,” said Michael Price, president and chief executive officer of Nissin Foods USA. “We continue to see an increase in consumer consumption of our products and brands due to their convenience, taste and value. As the category experiences unprecedented growth, we made the necessary decision to invest millions in new equipment, infrastructure and personnel to meet demand.”

Another manufacturing investment that Nissin has undertaken is the “Manufacture with Green Energy” initiative, which involves plans to supplement electricity used in Nissin’s manufacturing process with renewable energy. The initiative is part of Earth Food Challenge 2030, Nissin’s long-term environmental strategy for promoting a more sustainable society.

Nissin said SunGreen Systems has completed the installation of a 276 kilo-Watt solar panel at its corporate office to power 100% of the electricity. The company also has added six EV charging stations at the Gardena headquarters.

 “The implementation of renewable energy solutions at our headquarters represents our progress toward achieving Nissin Foods’ environmental targets and commitment to procuring 100% renewable electricity for business activities,” Mr. Price said. “Our employees care about the environment and we introduced EV charging stations as a way to support our employees investments. The installation of EV charging stations supports our greater green energy initiatives while also creating a corporate culture of making smart, environmentally-considerate choices personally and professionally to build a more sustainable future.”