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Scott Baker, president of 5 Generation Bakers, McKees Rocks, Pa., is used to baking a product that people can’t get enough of through the company’s Jenny Lee Swirl Bread. Inspired by the idea of making food that was not only delicious but also functional, however, Mr. Baker launched a CBD-infused brownie under the brand Hemp Bakers. 

But baking with CBD, however, came with a steep learning curve and several challenges including providing a consistent and effective dose of CBD in every serving and nailing the taste. 

“We started sourcing straight hemp powder, which was very raw and very potent. … My office smelled like a weed shop for a while,” Mr. Baker said in this episode of Since Sliced Bread. “We almost threw in the towel we were so frustrated by the consistency of the product.” 

In this episode of Since Sliced Bread, Mr. Baker explains how he finally cracked the code on a CBD-infused baked good and the challenges he thinks face the category next. 

“There is a lot of ambiguity in the market between what’s legal and what’s not,” he said. “The large retailers are staying away from it because there is too much uncertainty in their minds.”  

Listen to this episode of Since Sliced Bread to learn how Mr. Baker has overcome the challenges of baking with CBD, where the category is going next and why he sticks with it.

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