VANCOUVER, BC. — AgriForce said recent production and lab work has finalized the commercial readiness of its Un(Think) Awakened flour, but internal testing continues, evaluating nutritional content, taste and texture.

A patent-pending process creates germinated flour that is more nutritious and easier to digest with two times the protein of regular wheat flour, according to AgriForce. The sprouting process increases the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals, allowing them to be absorbed by the body while changing the amount of fiber in the whole grains.

AgriForce said Un(Think) Awakened flour in both soft white wheat (for baking) and hard red wheat (for bread) is available for business-to-business customers in Canada and the United States. Sales are expected to expand into the direct-to-consumer market after the summer, AgriForce said.

“Un(Think) flour products have been delivered to commercial bakeries for sampling, testing and product development,” the company said. “We’re now on second batches of trials with these commercial bakeries with the hard red flour and are awaiting the baking results and timeline for baked products development with our Un(Think) flour products.”