CRAILSHEIM, GERMANY — Gerhard Schubert, the founder and shareholder of packaging machine manufacturer Schubert, passed away in Crailsheim, Germany, on July 4. He was 84 years old.

Mr. Schubert laid the foundation for his company in 1953 with an apprenticeship as a mechanic. He then spent several years gathering experience as a design engineer at the Strunck and Kugler companies before setting up his own engineering and design office in 1964. 

Two years later, in 1966, Gerhard Schubert GmbH was founded in Crailsheim. Mr. Schubert built the company into an international group of companies over a period of decades and took the family business to the forefront of the world’s packaging manufacturers. In addition to his two sons Ralf and Gerald Schubert, his grandchildren also work for the company.