NEW YORK — Tom’s Perfect 10 has unveiled new packaging for its two core granola flavors, Ginger Zing and Classic, as well as 3-oz bags to travel with.

Both the Ginger Zing flavor and the Classic flavor were introduced in December 2021 and May 2022, respectively. The Ginger Zing granola is ginger-infused maple syrup mixed with candied ginger, almonds, pecans and “a touch of black pepper” while the Classic granola consists of chocolate, cherries and walnuts with “hints” of cinnamon and vanilla. The company also said Ginger Zing may be blended into smoothies, added to salads and may be eaten from the bag whereas Classic can be put on pistachio ice cream, paired with red wine and garnished for a charcuterie board.

Tom’s Perfect 10 said the two core flavors are now available in more than 100 retail locations, including new specialty stores such as the Fairway store in New York and Foxtrot stores across the United States. Tom’s Perfect 10 will continue to sell products at boutique retailers such as The Goods Mart, Big Night and L’Ami Pierre, the company noted. Tom’ Perfect 10 products are also available to purchase on its website.

“In just two short years, Tom’s Perfect 10 has become the granola connoisseur’s granola of choice,” said Tom Bannister, founder of Tom’s Perfect 10. “Every month, customers await a granola drop with one-of-a-kind flavors like Crème Brûlée or Yuzu Matcha that redefine the possibilities for granola. The new packaging reflects this positioning and demand with tasting notes and a pairing guide. Too long treated like a bland commodity, we believe granola can be the new wine, craft beer, or gourmet coffee and our branding represents this. We can’t wait for customers nationwide to be able to experience granola craftsmanship at its finest.”

Tom’s Perfect 10 was founded in October 2020 by Mr. Bannister alongside his wife Eva Chen and their three children. The family originally tested hundreds of flavors and granola combinations as a way of bonding during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, direct engagement and polling across Mr. Bannister and Ms. Chen’s Instagram accounts was made up of 2 million followers, and the brand launch had an immediate waitlist of more than 17,000 people. Besides the Ginger Zing and Classic granola flavors, Tom’s Perfect 10 shows off a drop of small batch flavor every month. According to the company, these flavors are either only available while supplies last or are part of the core lineup if they receive a “Perfect 10” rating on the Instagram-sourced scoreboard. Tom’s Perfect 10 said it released 31 monthly flavors to date and has worked with popular brands such as Uber and Tony’s Chocolonely.