LOS ANGELES — Beauty and fashion multi-brand company D’Amelio Brands is entering the food and beverage sector with D’Amelio Foods.

D’Ameilo Brands has announced a $5 million strategic investment with Fifth Growth Fund, a consumer-focused media and tech firm. D’Amelio Foods will offer snacks as its first product, which will launch this fall.

D’Amelio Foods joins the company’s brand portfolio of D’Amelio Footwear, ZitsAllright, and Dam Fam Merch. 

“D'Amelio Brands’ expansion into the food and beverage sector, fueled by FGF’s investment, is a significant step in our journey of continuing to launch socially conscious brands that resonate with our audience,” said Marc D'Amelio, chief executive officer of D'Amelio Brands. “Some of our family’s best memories are made at home, in the kitchen or snacking in the family room. The products we plan to launch under D’Amelio Foods are inspired by our favorite flavors and snacks. We’re excited for people to try them out and create lasting memories of their own.”