Renewal Mill debuted its 100% upcycled, total flour replacement blend. The company combined its individual upcycled ingredients into a flour blend that may be used as the sole flour in recipes and formulations. RenewALL 100% Upcycled Blend may be a substitute for all-purpose flour in a formulation or a gluten-free flour blend.

“This blend is truly revolutionary,” said Alice Medrich, R&D chef, Renewal Mill. “RenewALL 100% Upcycled Blend will shorten product development timelines and allow the industry to get more upcycled products into the market faster. It’s the holy grail — both simple to use and delicious.”

The product offers more fiber and protein per serving than whole wheat flour. It is a neutral-tasting, pale tan flour that produces a golden tan crumb in applications such as cakes, cookies, muffins and crackers.

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