ROCHELLE PARK, NJ. — Millbo has expanded in North America with the opening of Millbio North America in Rochelle Park. Based in Italy, Millbo offers ingredients such as fermented/cultured flours and plant-based extracts. X-Tra Guard provides mold inhibition and prevention for non-yeast-raised baked foods such as cakes, muffins and cookies as well as for sauces, dressings, dips, jams, fillings and creams.

“With Spring X-Tra Life (fermented/cultured flours) and our newly launched X-Tra Guard rowan berry extract (Sòrbus Aucuparia L.), we have the ability to achieve superior solutions for clean label preservation requirements,” said Peter Luck, managing director of Millbio North America. “Our natural spring sourdoughs and Kinezyme enzymes complement and enhance shelf-life solutions in a holistic way.”

Millbo develops, manufactures and distributes food ingredients for bakers across five continents. Millbio headquarters also are located in Shanghai and Singapore.