DALLAS — SNAC International’s second-ever SNX trade show, held April 14-16 in Dallas, built strongly on its inaugural 2022 show. The event drew 465 attendees, a 35% increase from the first SNX. 

“I think the industry has really established this event as a moment on the calendar,” said Christine Cochran, president and chief executive officer of SNAC International. “And they are fully invested in it and provide a lot of feedback to help guide us in its growth.”

Compared to SNAXPO, SNAC International’s traditional, full equipment supply chain trade show, SNX offers attendees a more intimate format featuring private, one-on-one meetings between snack producers and suppliers. 

Justin Spannuth, chairman of SNAC International and chief operating officer of Unique Snacks, Reading, Pa., said these meetings are what make SNX stand out from traditional trade shows. 

“On the brand side, there’s a few things that I can talk about in a closed room where I would be more uncomfortable talking in an open environment,” he noted. “From the supplier side, they get to meet with 15, 20 or 30 brands from all across the country and some international brands that would cost them significantly more money and time to travel and see these people face to face.”

While these one-on-one meetings are an emphasis, SNX’s Experience Zone still allowed for more casual interaction between suppliers, snack manufacturers and brands. Cochran added that many attendees said they enjoyed having the flexibility to get the best of both.

“In the Experience Zone you have an open house like setting so people can float through and explore different potential vendors and suppliers and engage with them in a light touch way,” she said.

This year’s SNX also built upon the spotlight SNAC International shines on emerging snack brands. The show featured the return of the popular SNAC Tank competition, where startup brands pitched their products for a chance to win a $10,000 prize. 

“One of the things SNAC as a trade association can do for the industry is bring in those emerging brands, the creative thinkers, who are pushing and nudging the industry,” Cochran said. “Snacking is known for innovation, and so having them a part of this is really important to fully representing the industry.”

With a strong boost in attendance and two shows under his belt, Spannuth is confident SNX will continue to grow alongside the snack category. 

“I think SNX has been a great success,” Spannuth said. “We’ve made great strides in this new concept.”