TUALATIN, ORE. — Cargill announced it will close its Lake Oswego, Ore., Integrated Bakery Resources (I.B.R.) facility and move into a new facility in late August in Tualatin. I.B.R. is managed by Horizon Milling, which is a joint venture between Cargill and CHS. I.B.R. makes and markets bread under its own brands, including Innkeeper’s Bed & Breakfast and Oregon Trail, and also works with other companies to develop and market the bread and grain products they sell under their own brands.

“Our new bakery will strengthen our ability to serve customers by creating and baking breads that are unique to the market,” said Ken Ruud, business development leader for Cargill I.B.R. “It will allow us to better provide our bakery industry partners with the specialty items that consumers desire, but are difficult to produce in a high-speed facility.”

Mr. Ruud said I.B.R. will continue to expand on its set of fresh and frozen production capabilities and solutions, which include sweet and savory flavors, toppings and nut and seed enrobing for bread in the conventional, all natural and organic bread segments.

“Our mission is to help our customers grow their brands with delicious and visually appealing products that continuously delight consumers,” he said.

The new Cargill I.B.R. facility in Tualatin is approximately 4 miles from the current facility in Lake Oswego. The Lake Oswego employees will transfer to the Tualatin facility.

Cargill acquired I.B.R. in the summer of 2005. Primarily a product development company at the time, the acquisition included Breadsong Baking Co., a commercial baking and blending operation, as well as the I.B.R. web site, www.bread.com. I.B.R. was founded in 1985.