PORTLAND, ORE. — Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods has launched Bob’s Red Mill Grains of Discovery, a line of products made with ancient grains and seeds sourced from around the world.

Bob’s Red Mill said it created the line after seeing increasing demand among mainstream consumers for products such as quinoa and chia seed, as well as an overall heightened interest in ancient grains and other heirloom foods. The line consists of two new offerings from Bob’s Red Mill and seven existing products. Five of the line’s nine products are gluten free.

“We built Bob’s Red Mill on the very notion of moving back to basics, and what better way to do that than by educating people about grains that have been providing nourishment for literally thousands of years,” said Bob Moore, founder, president and chief executive officer of Bob’s Red Mill. “Our Grains of Discovery line not only offers healthy and delicious whole grain products, but it also provides a little window into the lives of civilizations long gone by.”

 The new Bob’s Red Mill Grains of Discovery line consists of the following products: organic amaranth; chia; organic faro; organic kamut; millet; organic quinoa; sorghum; organic spelt; and teff. Organic faro and sorghum are the two new offerings for Bob’s Red Mill.

The new line joins the company’s family of more than 400 organic and gluten-free flours, mixes, cereals and whole grains. The Grains of Discovery products feature packaging that has a look and feel consistent across the line, yet specific to each product, the company said.