QUINCY, MASS. — Bay State Milling Co. has introduced a BeneGrain line of sprouted flours that initially will feature sprouted wheat flour and sprouted brown rice flour.

Milled from hard red spring wheat, the sprouted wheat flour is available in whole wheat flour and steel cut varieties, conventional and organic certified. Cuts and cracks are available for inclusions and customized blends. By controlling the germination process, Bay State Milling creates flour that naturally improves volume and reduces proof times while giving the end product a boost of nutrition and a less bitter, slightly sweeter taste than conventional whole wheat, according to the Quincy-based company.

“We are confident that we have developed a sprouted wheat flour that will deliver convenience, consistency and improved flavor balance to the market place,” said Colleen Zammer, director of product marketing. “This flour has been proven in a variety of applications, and by incorporating BeneGrain, bakers can deliver grain-based foods with improved flavor and digestibility while enhancing functionality.”

Bay State Milling developed BeneGrain sprouted brown rice flour for use in a range of gluten-free applications. The flour is germinated to release enzymes that unlock plant-based nutrition prior to milling, according to the company. The sprouted brown rice flour is available in both conventional and organic varieties.