Bronx Cretzel, Zora Family Bakery
The company's new Bronx Cretzel was created fusing the Zaro croissant with the pretzel recipe of the Bronx Baking Co.

NEW YORK — Zaro’s Family Bakery is expanding its broad range of baked foods with new product selections while reformulating others both to enhance taste and simplify ingredient labels.

New products introduced by the company include a Bronx Cretzel, which the company said was created fusing the Zaro croissant with the pretzel recipe of the Bronx Baking Co. Bronx Baking is a wholesale baking company specializing in pretzels and pretzel bread and rolls.

“The Bronx Cretzel is designed to offer the novelty of a traditional pretzel on the exterior and the sophisticated satisfaction of croissant on the interior,” Zaro’s said. The company also is introducing three varieties of focaccia: cherry tomato, red grape and olive oil with salt and herbs.

The company also has rebranded its Zarobchik sourdough loaf as Zaro’s “Farm” bread, a classic European sourdough that undergoes 45 hours of fermentation to develop the bread’s flavor.

The formulation changes to existing products have been made with young families in mind, said Michael Zaro, president.

“As parents with young children of our own, Aggie and I want them enjoying Zaro’s products made from natural ingredients without changing the time honored traditional recipes,” Mr. Zaro said. “In our revision process, we also developed a few items that we are sure our customers will enjoy.”

Going forward, only natural ingredients — flour, water, yeast, sale and natural sours — will account for the bulk of the company’s ingredients, Zaro’s said.

Zaro’s operates retail baking outlets at numerous locations in the New York metropolitan area, including in Grand Central Station. The company’s baked foods also are available at regional supermarkets.