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Food companies may save money by cutting back on product development time.

Save money through shorter product development times

Switching to more cost-effective ingredients is not the only way food companies may save money. Think cutting back on product development time or buying an entire ingredient system instead of one ingredient at a time.

Ingredion, Inc., Westchester, Ill., offers Dial-In technology, a consumer-centric approach to product development. Ingredion’s five-step process guides companies. The five steps are setting goals, gathering insights, setting sensory targets, understanding the process and formulating product. Ingredion’s Dial-In technology explores a company’s business and technical priorities, including functional performance standards, manufacturing requirements, potential label claims, cost goals and timeline.

The functional systems group from Minneapolis-based Cargill enables companies to lock in one price for a tailor-made ingredient system, saving time and internal resources by purchasing, stocking and formulating with one functional system instead of multiple ingredients.

“Bakers benefit by not needing to carry multiple minor ingredients and knowing production will have less batch-to-batch variance,” said Bill Gilbert, certified master baker and principal food technologist for Cargill. “In addition, sourcing one system, instead of multiple ingredients, allows customers to save time and money. We will source any ingredient needed by our customers, or we carry stock blends.

“Icing stabilizers are a perfect example of a stock functional system. We produce stabilizers for white and chocolate icing as well as glazes. We can also help our customers modify stock functional systems to make signature icings or glazes to meet their individual needs.”