Nissin Top Ramen new recipe
The new Top Ramen formulation features less sodium, no added MSG and no artificial flavors.

GARDENA, CALIF. — Top Ramen noodles have undergone a healthy overhaul.

As a response to consumer demand for reduced sodium and fewer artificial ingredients, Nissin Food Products Co. Ltd. has updated its entire Top Ramen product line. The company has reduced sodium by an average of 15% across all flavors, removed all artificial flavors and removed added MSG (the products contain small amounts of naturally occurring glutamates).

“Top Ramen is a product that consumers love — on its own or dressed up,” said Gary Lai, director of marketing for Nissin Foods USA. “What’s imperative to us is that the core product — the ramen noodle — maintains its delicious flavor and integrity. However, in response to consumer demand, we’ve been working diligently to remove unnecessary ingredients and lower the sodium while preserving the same taste and texture. We asked ourselves, ‘How much can we remove while still maintaining our noodle essence?’ We liken the process to finding our ‘noodle zen,’ and we’re extremely proud of the results.”


Additionally, Nissin has unveiled new, modernized packaging for its Top Ramen products, which features call-outs on the two vegetarian flavors: Soy Sauce (formerly called Oriental) and Chili.

Nissin’s Cup Noodles line underwent a similar recipe makeover last year. In September 2016, Nissin committed to reducing sodium, removing added MSG and eliminating artificial flavors from its Cup Noodles brand in the United States.