Coffee and spice is everything nice

Cinnamon, cardamom and other herbs and spices are set to gain steam in coffee, Ms. Moskow said.

“What we’re starting to see is taking coffee as the base layer and adding functional ingredients or flavor elements to it in the form of healthier, better-for-you flavors and spices and herbs as opposed to a shot of syrup,” she said.

Café de olla, a traditional Mexican coffee, features cinnamon and panela, an unrefined sugar with a nutty flavor. In Yemen, coffee may be served with a blend of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, fennel or anise.

“It’s almost like coffee’s chai,” Ms. Moskow said. “Chai uses tea as a base to add different herb and spice blends. Coffee is going to pop in that way, too.”