A healthier alternative

Increased demand for fresh, nutritional foods also prompts innovation and the creation of a greater variety of tortillas and wraps using premium ingredients.

“With trends to not ‘diet’ but to take initiatives to eat healthier, consumers continue to seek out products that will support their specific needs,” Ms. Nargang said. “Azteca’s entire product line offers healthier options for consumers,” she added.

Azteca Foods’ 12-SKU product platform is anchored by four flour tortilla options that feature no preservatives and no artificial colors or flavors. Other healthier options include two sizes of flour tortillas with added calcium and vitamin D, a tortilla made with and organic, whole grain and low-carb choices. In addition, Azteca’s Taco Salad Bowl/Salad Shell delivers the same restaurant quality in a product that is baked, not fried.

Carbohydrate levels in tortillas are important to consumers who are monitoring their nutritional intake.

In addition, shoppers are becoming more and more knowledgeable, and they want to know what is in their foods and where it comes from. “I think the consumers are reading the product ingredient lists more now than ever before, and it’s a positive thing,” Mr. Nin said. “This year, Tortillas Inc. is working to add some organic products.”

La Tortilla Factory successfully launched its low-carb flour tortilla last year. In general, carbohydrate levels are important to consumers who are monitoring their nutritional intake.

“Low-carb tortillas remain a steady SKU in the category today despite the rise and fall of the ‘low carb’ diet many years ago,” said Sam Tamayo, vice-chairman, La Tortilla Factory. “The flour option adds another variety to our popular whole wheat low-carb tortilla.”