BUFFALO, N.Y. — Rich Products Corp. has introduced a line of all-natural, heart healthy, whole grain bread and roll products for the in-store bakery market. The new products will feature the Whole Grain Stamp and a heart-healthy claim.

“This is a major, nationwide launch,” said John Furey, senior marketing manager of Rich Products. “Our new breads and new sandwich and dinner rolls provide a solution for our in-store bakery customers who have been asking for a greater variety of whole grain products. In addition to being heart healthy, they’ve all passed extensive sensory tests with flying colors, so they really deliver on great taste.”

While Rich Products currently sells dozens of whole grain bread products, the company said its new line offers additional value in terms of heart-healthy ingredients and protein. The company will bring the new products to market in two phases: bread in May and rolls in August. The new products will include a variety of flavor profiles, including Oatmeal Crunch, Ancient Grain, Italian Heartland and Apple Crisp.

“We put together what we consider to be the perfect frozen dough recipe,” Mr. Furey said. “Retailers are looking for additional health and wellness options, and these products meet that need. We’re proud to offer one of the most comprehensive lines of whole grain breads and rolls in the industry.”

In line with the introduction, Rich’s said it will launch a promotional campaign called “Natural Grain Goodness: Better for You Any Way You Slice It.” The program will include a complete set of graphic labels containing all the nutrition information, including the Whole Grain Stamp and the heart-healthy claim. Point-of-sale materials will include display merchandisers, header signs, counter cards, shelf tags and consumer brochures.